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Team Standings

1. Spencerport 263.0
2. Fairport 145.0
3. Hilton 121.5
4. Brockport 120.0
5. Webster Schroeder 98.0
6. Greece Olympia 93.0
7. Spencerport "B" 86.0
8. Corinth 84.0
9. Holley 78.0
10. Baldwinsville 78.0
11. North Rose Wolcott 76.5
12. Greece Athena 72.0
13. Kenmore West 63.0
14. Medina 52.5
15. Tonawanda 38.0
16. Kendall 36.0
17. Hilton "B" 4.0

Individual Results: [Complete Brackets]

096 Results:
1st Bryan Ruggeri (Fairport) def. Vincent Deprez (Hilton) 5-2
3rd Chad McArdell (Baldwinsville) def. Cody Mcgregor (Tonawanda) 9-2
5th Mason Requa (Kendall) def. Andrew Flanagan (Holley) 6-5

103 Results:
1st Geoff Brown (Spencerport) def. Joey Sheheen (Baldwinsville) 3-2
3rd Carl Fantauzzo (Greece Athena) def. Jeff Donahue (Holley) 8-2
5th Zach Marcel (Corinth) def. Sal Mingoea (Spencerport "B") 4-1

112 Results:
1st Jake Requa (Kendall) def. Cal Hotelling (Fairport) Pin at 0:37
3rd Morgan Perry (Hilton) def. Scott Barrett (Spencerport) 6-4
5th Ron Duguay (Kenmore West) def. Tim Ross (Corinth) Major Dec. 11-0

119 Results:
1st Mike Gentlecore (Greece Olympia) def. Dylan Cauana (Kenmore West) Tech Fall 16-0
3rd Jordan Mcgregor (Tonawanda) def. Adam Mazzeo (Spencerport) 5-3
5th Kyle Goodrich (Fairport) def. Tanya Kusse (Webster Schroeder) 4-0

125 Results:
1st Matthias Ellis (Greece Athena) def. Jimmy Porteus (Brockport) 2-1
3rd Anthony Finocchiaro (Baldwinsville) def. Ryan Howes (North Rose Wolcott) 4-0
5th Mike Piedimonte (Spencerport) def. Brian Sechrist (Fairport) Major Dec. 9-1

130 Results:
1st Greg Shove (North Rose Wolcott) def. Thomas Davis (Fairport) 5-1
3rd Phil Spezio (Spencerport) def. Dave Richards (Hilton) 6-4
5th Jon Hughes (Brockport) def. Dillon Murphy (Holley) Pin at 2:54

135 Results:
1st Joe Bonaldi (Greece Olympia) def. Tyler Nicholson (Corinth) 5-1
3rd Steve Maier (Spencerport) def. Harley Kusse (Webster Schroeder) 3-0
5th Steven Demetsanaere (Fairport) def. Angelo Deangelis (Spencerport "B") 3-2

140 Results:
1st Zack Haas (Spencerport "B") def. Eric Krawiec (Webster Schroeder) 6-2
3rd Tim Campbell (Spencerport) def. Nick Richardson (Greece Olympia) 6-0
5th Michael Countryman (Fairport) def. Rob Mourey (North Rose Wolcott) 4-0

145 Results:
1st Paul Morabito (Spencerport) def. Dominic Montesano (Medina) 5-4
3rd David Lyons (Brockport) def. Keifer Phillips (Greece Athena) Pin at 2:29
5th Jim Hough (Hilton) def. Mike Roman (Spencerport "B") 11-6

152 Results:
1st Tristan Hamner (Medina) def. Roy Daniels (Spencerport) 5-1
3rd Andrew Wightman (Webster Schroeder) def. Sean Mcfarlane (Spencerport "B") 5-2
5th Joe Senf (Baldwinsville) def. Alex Schepler (Hilton) 7-5

160 Results:
1st Joe Inzana (Spencerport) def. Richard Leverenz (Brockport) Pin at 5:02
3rd Josh Reed (Webster Schroeder) def. John Bird (Fairport) 6-2
5th Phil Whitehair (Hilton) def. Graham Meagher (Spencerport "B") 6-5

171 Results:
1st Cody Miller (Spencerport) def. Ben Griffiths (Hilton)
3rd Joe Amoia (Kenmore West) def. Richie Childs (Brockport) 8-2
5th Charles Small (North Rose Wolcott) def. Nick Ecuyer (Corinth) 9-5

189 Results:
1st Brad Englert (Spencerport) def. Clint Dumoulin (Corinth) 5-0
3rd Nick Nasca (Spencerport "B") def. John Cowden (Fairport) Win by Inj Def
5th Jeff Dawkins (Hilton) def. Joe Serio (Greece Olympia) 1-0

215 Results:
1st Enzo Zagari (Spencerport) def. James Mault (Brockport) 4-1
3rd Sean Baylor (Holley) def. Dylan Novisky (Fairport) 5-3
5th Alex Fumerelle (Kenmore West) def. Rob Cusse (Hilton) 3-0

285 Results:
1st Kacee Sauer (Holley) def. Angelo Dinottia (Greece Olympia) 3-2
3rd Dylan Kaminsky (Greece Athena) def. Mark Guarino-Hyde (Webster Schroeder) WBF
5th Josh Sweney (Spencerport) def. Roy Wilferth (North Rose Wolcott) 3-2

MOW: Paul Morabito - 145 lbs Spencerport


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